I Had New Keys Made for the Church

When I became pastor at the local church, I knew that I was going to make some immediate changes. My faith is very strong, and I trust that the Lord will keep me safe. That does mean I am naive about this world that we live in. That is why I wanted to find a company that could help me with new keys for the church. I did a quick search online for keys cut in Brisbane to find the right company since I was not familiar with anyone in this business.

The company I hired for the job turned out to be quite local, and the young man who came out actually has family members who come to the church. Talk about a small world! I explained that there were just too many people who had keys to the church doors. In addition to the main doors, there were also three sets of doors around the church building leading inside that had locks. There were also two offices in the church itself that had locks, and then a shed where we keep lawn equipment outside that has a lock. In total, that meant there were seven locks that needed to be changed.

The former pastor gave church keys out to anyone who had any kind of position at the church. This included teachers, leaders, the janitorial crew, the board, and quite a few others. We estimated that in the 15 years he had been the pastor, he had given out more than 100 sets of keys. The locks had never been changed, and a lot of those had moved on. It was just an area I was not comfortable with, so the locksmith ended up changing all the locks for me. I had him cut 10 sets of keys for all the locks, and I gave the new keys only to those who truly need them.